Mental, physical, & emotional preparation for childbirth and beyond

Calm, confident, and connected

and informed too!

Childbirth classes with Sarah of Desert Birth & Wellness weave mindfulness techniques and self care practices with prenatal yoga for a truly comprehensive and holistic approach to childbirth preparation.  If you are expecting a baby, or planning for a pregnancy, and also want to prepare yourself, mentally, physically, and emotionally,  these classes are for you.


Play and Connect Birth Workshop:

This workshop is geared towards the prenatal couple who is interested in learning support and childbirth techniques with other expectant couples in a fun calm, and supportive environment. We will move through a specialized partner yoga sequence to prepare for birth and promote a healthy pregnancy. You and your partner will feel more connected to each other and baby through meditation, breathing exercises for labor, and comfort techniques. Partners will leave feeling more prepared to support through the pregnancy and birth.


New Dates coming soon…


Chilbirth Prep Intensive:

Learn about the anatomy and stages of labor, hand on comfort techniques, hospital procedures, and more in this intensive workshop that weaves yoga and mindfulness techniques into birth preparation.