Mental, physical, & emotional preparation for childbirth and beyond

Calm, confident, and connected

and informed too!

Childbirth classes with Sarah of Desert Birth & Wellness weave mindfulness techniques and self care practices with prenatal yoga for a truly comprehensive and holistic approach to childbirth preparation.  If you are expecting a baby, or planning for a pregnancy, and also want to prepare yourself, mentally, physically, and emotionally,  these classes are for you. Couples will leave this series with tools to help them feel confident and excited about their birth and parenting experience.


– Exploring The Five Senses & Birth

We will talk about how to create your ideal birth environment, finding comfort through touch, smell, sound, and taste, and of course, movement. We will discuss massage for labor, partner support, oxytocin and connection. This one is a juicy workshop, bring your partner for this one. Our yoga practice will incorporate some partner yoga poses that can be helpful for finding relief and connection during pregnancy as well as helpful birthing poses that keep your partner involved and grounded. This will be beneficial for all three of you.

– Preparing for your Fourth Trimester

Much thought and planning goes into the birth of your new baby, rightfully so, but the time after baby also demands some thought and planning. In this workshop, we will learn all about breastfeeding and infant care, and nutrition for the optimal care of your family following the life-changing event of birth. You will leave this workshop with a blueprint for creating a postpartum plan, including meal preparation, and optimizing your baby-shower gift registry or wish list to create the best possible transition into parenthood. You will feel more confident and knowledgeable about caring for and soothing your baby and what common things to look for with regard to your new tiny human.