October 14, 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Sweat Yoga Studo
4500 Osuna Rd. NE Suite 200

Your idea about what birth will be like is formed before you even begin to think about your own reproductive journey, through media and stories we hear from others. While great for entertainment and shock factor, the births we see in movies aren’t necessarily accurate or beneficial. In this workshop we will learn about the stages of labor and pain management from a holistic perspective, as we delve into the physiologic process of birth. We will practice laboring and pushing positions, and have a “birth rehearsal” where we will discuss how to support a laboring person through the journey. Both pregnant partner and non pregnant partner will leave feeling more prepared emotionally, physically, and mentally for the big day. We will also chat about yoga philosophy with regard to birth and new life. This workshop will begin with a 60 minute yoga practice that is appropriate for all levels of yogi, and designed for expectant parents. This workshop is the third in a series of five classes that together make a comprehensive and mindful childbirth preparation class series. Pay $50 for this workshop, or $220 for the full series.

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