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As your birth doula, I bring my experience and training as a yoga teacher, as well as my heart and passion for supporting people in the transition into parenthood and becoming the greatest version of themselves. The inspiration for my work as a doula is that birth is a natural and normal function of the pregnant body and that most pregnant bodies have the ability to birth naturally if given the right support, preparation and environment. I believe that birth can be a very powerful right of passage that allows you to tap into your deepest power, and even a catalyst for healing and growth.

My practice is very holistic and nurturing, as I tap into my background as a yoga teacher and my heart as a mother. I believe that the birthing person should be nourished and cared for and made to feel comfortable, loved and supported throughout this sacred experience.

I may be a good doula for you if you believe (or want to believe in) your own power to give birth, you are interested in making informed choices regarding your birth and early parenting journey, and you are excited to take responsibility for yourself in preparation for and during the birth.

I currently work in partnership with Miyoko Innase, owner of Inspired Birth & Families, which means that we back each other up in our doula practices. Miyoko is an experienced and confident doula and I am proud to work with her. You can learn more about Miyoko at her website.  My clients also receive a discount on placenta encapsulation services and classes at Inspired Birth & Families.



I will assist you prenatally to create a realistic and positive vision for your birth, help you work through any fears or reservations that you have, and help your partner/family to participate as an active and effective part of your birth experience. Through your work in preparing for your ideal birth, you will cultivate a sense of confidence, strength, and knowing that will carry you through your birth and early parenthood journey.


As your doula I will support you in preparing for your ideal birth, and work as a team with your partner/family and all members of your birthing team to ensure that your needs are met and you are deeply cared for throughout your birth and in the moments following your baby’s arrival earthside.


I will accompany you during labor to help pave the way for a satisfying birth experience, drawing on my knowledge, experience and intuition to provide emotional support, physical comfort, and facilitate communication as needed with your midwives or hospital staff to make sure that you have the information you need to make informed decisions regarding your birth. I will have ready a variety of birth support comfort measures and non-medical pain relief techniques including aromatherapy, acupressure, rebozo technique, massage, music, heat/cold therapy, relaxation techniques, hydrotherapy, visualization, position suggestions, encouragement, support with hospital staff/explanation of procedures, and practical support for the your partner.


Following your birth, I will meet with you to review your birth and answer any questions, and provide resources that will help guide your conscious and mindful transition into parenthood. Additional postpartum doula services are available at an hourly rate or in a package and can include (but are not limited to) emotional and physical support, nutrition consulting, meal preparation, placenta preparation, light cleaning, help with errands, and sibling care.


Birth Essentials Package

Two prenatal visits, ongoing holistic pregnancy counseling and resources, continuous support throughout your birth,

and a postpartum follow-up, plus endless resources for your pregnancy, birth and parenting journey.


Fully Supported Package

Basic doula package plus 24 hours of postpartum doula support and a private prenatal yoga session to help you relax into your body

and alleviate any aches, pains, and reservations you may be holding onto before you meet your baby


learn more about how support during the 4th trimester can help you in your transition to parenthood

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I offer weekly prenatal yoga classes at Inspired Birth & Families,

and also attend a monthly community class, Doulas & Danishes at Inspired Birth & Families, the second Saturday each moth at 9:00am

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